Arizona sued over rules limiting abortion drug use

Arizona sued over rules limiting abortion drug use

Arizona and abortion rights advocates battle it out in the desert.

On Wednesday it was announced that a lawsuit had been made against the state of Arizona, after the state made new rules that limit the use of common abortion drugs.

The lawsuit claims that the new rules, which are the most recent in a series of recently passed anti-abortion measures made by the state of Arizona, will make it impossible for women to have abortions.

Supporters of abortion rights view the new rules as an attempt by lawmakers to make it impossible for women to receive abortions. The new rules, which were released earlier this year and are set to go into effect April 1, mandate that a common abortion inducing drug can only be administered at the FDA-approved dosage, and that it cannot be taken past seven weeks into the pregnancy. These rules contradict the typical procedures used when performing safe, non-surgical abortions, and under the new rules, based on abortion statistics from 2012, nearly 800 women would have to undergo a surgical abortion due to the law change.

Other states like Texas and Ohio share similar laws as the one Arizona abortion rights groups are currently campaigning against, whereas states like Oklahoma and North Dakota have succeeded in blocking similar rules.

Supporters of abortion rights say that Arizona is attempting to deny women of rights that they are constitutionally entitled to, while the opposition argues that abortion right supporters and groups like Planned Parenthood need acknowledge that the rules are a matter of health and safety, mandating that women only be able to take the FDA-approved dosage.

This is, however, not the first time that supporters of abortion rights have attempted to have Arizona laws reversed regarding reproductive freedom. As April 1 nears, abortion right supporters will continue on with the lawsuit in an attempt to repeal the new rules.


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