Experts urge vaccination as measles hits Massachusetts

Experts urge vaccination as measles hits Massachusetts

Measles hits Massachusetts and health officials are working to get vaccinations out quickly.

Two confirmed cases of the measles in Massachusetts has triggered a public health alert from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and health officials are now urging patrons of the Framingham Trader Joe’s, Samba restaurant, and Bose Corporation headquarters to get a measles vaccination.

Measles, which can live suspended in the air for up to two hours, remains one of the most contained illnesses facing the public. After the two hour period, there is no continuing risk and no necessary measures for sanitizing the environment. A highly contagious disease, most people living in the United States have received measles immunizations, making their susceptibility to the disease minimal.

However, for individuals who have received the two-series MMR shot measles vaccination, the vaccination is only effective for preventing the measles up to 72 hours after exposure. The Framingham, Mass., exposure occurred more than one week ago, leading experts to believe that exposed peoples will only now begin to start showing symptoms if infected.

Health care officials suggest that exposed peoples contact their healthcare providers. The emergency room is not necessary, but it is important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible if exposed. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has identified exposures at Samba restaurant on Feb. 15 and 21, Trader Joes on Feb. 15, 16, and 21.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is continuing to identify locations of exposure as a means of informing people where and when they could have contracted the disease.

Individuals in need of vaccinations can contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, who recently held a vaccination clinic at Samba restaurant, or their personal healthcare provider for more information.

For more information regarding Framingham exposure locations and dates, visit the Boston Globe’s website for a complete list of Trader Joes and Samba restaurant exposure dates and times.

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