Skin cancer may increase risk of other cancers

Skin cancer may increase risk of other cancers

Skin cancer may increase the risk of other cancers.

A recent study suggests that survivors of certain types of skin cancer may face an increased risk for developing other forms of cancer later in their lives. The study, which found that individuals who had had nonmelanoma skin cancer, or NMSC, were more likely to develop melanoma and 29 other forms of cancer, than people who did not have NMSC.

NMSC, the most common type of cancer, is the most common and easily treatable type of skin cancer. However, the study revealed that people who had NMSC had a higher susceptibility to malignant tumor development than people who had not had NMSC, and that the risk was even greater in people diagnosed with NMSC age 25 and younger.

Survivors of NMSC, ages 25 and older, are 1.36 times more likely to develop subsequent types of cancer, while NMSC survivors age 25 and younger are a whopping 23 times more likely. Of the cancer types likely to develop, people in this category were 94 and 93 more likely to develop melanoma and salivary gland cancer.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia and published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Bio-markers & Prevention, was comprised of two cohorts. The first, a group of 502,490 people with a history of NMSC, and the second, a control group of 8,787,513 people with no history of NMSC. The subjects of the study were following electronically for five to six years. Over the span of the study’s duration, 67,148 individuals from the NMSC group and 863,441 individuals from the control group developed subsequent cancers.

Subjects from the NMSC group who developed subsequent cancer types had a consistently elevated risk of developing stomach, prostate, pancreas, bladder, brain, lung, colon and liver cancer, while certain brain, colon and prostate cancer susceptibility increased over time.


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