Google to lean towards mobile-friendly websites

Google to lean towards mobile-friendly websites

Google is all set to release its new algorithm which will give page-ranking preference to mobile-friendly websites

In a bid to make websites more user-savvy, dominant website search engine Google is all set to put its new algorithm into force with effect from Tuesday, which could well mean a dip in web traffic for websites which are not ‘mobile-friendly’. The immediate result of this change will be that you may not be able to pull up a few popular websites on your SmartPhone at least until these sites have reconfigured themselves to become more mobile-friendly. It has been estimated that this could result in considerable business losses over the internet. The new changes will not have much impact on desktop searches.

It may be recalled that the most recent algorithm by Google called “Panda” in 2012 had an adverse effect on up to 11% of overall search results. The new algorithm is expected to create considerably more turbulence that Panda ever did. Typically, under this new regime by Google, a number 1 or 2 ranking website could well fall into 9 or 10 on the search engine results page, according to Greg Sterlilng, and independent analyst.

When Panda was put into force, Demand Media reported a loss of $6.4 million – according to the company, totally attributed to the Panda algorithm which resulted in the company losing page ranking considerably.

USA Today conducted a random test using the “Mobile-Friendly test page” on some of the major brands, and there were a few that did not come up to the mark. A few of the companies that fell short were California Pizza Kitchen and Coco’s, Versace, and European airline Ryanair. According to Greg Sterling, up to 40% of the websites fall short of the requirements of the Google new algorithm, and he says that there are loads of websites which have totally ignored mobile adaptability for their websites.

Once again, Google has given the command, and woe betide all those who do not fall in line with the proclamation.

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