Google’s Project Fi: The new big player in wireless

Google’s Project Fi: The new big player in wireless

Google has launched their Early Access Program for Project Fi, their revolutionary $20/mo wireless service.

After talk on Wall Street about Google’s proposed wireless network the past year, Google finally announced their plans for their network, Project Fi.

Project Fi is poised to change the wireless industry more so than to make money. The pricing strategy is simple giving users only one option – $20/month for basic talk & SMS + $10/GB data. Unlike other carriers, the data that you don’t use will be carried over to the next month. There is no contract and no termination fees.

The network works by connecting with both Sprint and T-Mobile 4G LTE networks, whom Google has made deals with. Additionally, Fi is aiming to change the wireless space by utilizing free wifi hotspots with automatic encryption and seamlessly moving between wifi and wireless towers. Fi is also extending the phone to multiple screens, utilizing the cloud for number storage and optimizing connectivity. With Fi, you can easily make calls from your computer, tablet, or smart TV just as you would with your phone with access to the same number and contacts.

Currently, Project FI is in the Early Access Program stage and is accessible by invite only. You also need to have a Google Nexus 6 phone, as it is the only device that supports the hardware and software to work with their service at this time. If you want to get in on the action early, you can request an invite here.

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