New Android app from Facebook ‘Hello’ released

New Android app from Facebook ‘Hello’ released

Facebook has launched its new App called Hello which organizes contact information on a SmartPhone

Facebook seems to have identified a major issue of all SmartPhones – the tendency for them to be anything but an actual phone. There is a major shift in the way phones are used today, with people preferring emojis to actual voice calls. The new App by Facebook Hello, collates all of the user’s contact information and places it a ‘delightful’ dialer which facilitates easy dialing of the contact’s number for making an easy-access voice call.

Conditions also apply of course, like the necessity of already having your Facebook privacy settings in place and that the contact’s details should already exist in your phone. In simple terms, you should get details of people who are already friends with you and who have already disclosed their number to you. This also helps you to keep a tab on your privacy settings, as well, which we are prone to neglect.

Hello provides a photograph of the caller, even if you have not stored an image in your phone, along with other related information, like their birthday, for instance. Telephonic spammers can be blocked permanently with a single tap.

A unique feature of this new App is the ability to dial up a business of interest. For example, if you feel like ordering in, you could just type “post office pies” and you are soon in conversation with your nearest Pizzas outlet, even if you do not have their contact details. You may not save much time, but if you compare actually doing a Google search for a business, then keying in the number, time does get saved in the long run and the entire process is smoother.

Hello takes a fresh look at the way we use our phones today – we may continue to exchange email addresses and phone numbers, but our contact lists tend to be obsolete in several places. With its new App, Hello, Facebook helps to reorganize all that, so that contact data on your phone gets automatically updated without the hassle of having to do it yourself.

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