NASA releases app, stunning video of New Horizon’s Pluto flyby

NASA releases app, stunning video of New Horizon’s Pluto flyby

NASA has just teamed up with the National Space Society to produce this stunning video trailer of New Horizon's mission to Pluto.

If you’ve been following New Horizons at all, you will know that the NASA spacecraft has been inching its way toward Pluto, our solar system’s furthest object from the sun. According to CNET, the probe will make its final approach on Pluto as soon as July 14.

The newly released video “trailer” highlights previous NASA missions that have brought us to other planets in the solar system, leading up to New Horizon’s last descent on the mysterious dwarf planet.

The video was released by the National Space Society, a nonprofit that uses grassroots education to create a space-faring civilization. The video was created by animator Erik Wernquist, who has also created many other short films about space travel, including last year’s “Wanderers.”

NASA will also be releasing an app for both Android and iOS called “Pluto Safari,” created by the same team that made the popular star-gazing app “SkySafari.” The app will provide information about the New Horizons mission and Pluto itself. The graphics are not as mind-blowing as the video, but it’s a perfect way to check up on your favorite Pluto facts, and even learn something you might not have known before. The app is also available online.

New Horizons just underwent a brief course correction, but it is on track and making its final descent on the mysterious world that is Pluto.


You can check out the amazing trailer here:

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