Authorities beg someone to come forward in haunting “Baby Doe” case

Authorities beg someone to come forward in haunting “Baby Doe” case

The remains of the long-haired, brown-eyed girl washed ashore on a Boston beach two weeks ago.

It’s been two weeks since police have discovered the remains of a child on the shore of Deer Island near Boston’s Logan Airport, and a forensic artist has now put together a potential face of “Baby Doe” in the desperate hopes that someone will recognize her and bring the case to a close.

Forensic artist Christi Andrews created the “Baby Doe” composite image, which millions of people have now seen. She used autopsy information and morgue photos from the little girl’s remains, which were discovered in a trash back along the shore of Boston harbor, according to a CNN report.

In the photo, the toddler has big brown eyes, hair past the shoulder, and chubby cheeks. Authorities hope to identify her in order to at least give her a funeral and a burial in her own name.

The body was found on June 25 on the rocky shore of Deer Island, which has 2.6 miles of recreational land that the public can access. It is near the Port of Boston, one of the busiest on the East Coast. Authorities don’t know how long her remains had been there, but there was some decomposition.

Authorities aren’t sure if the body was placed there or simply washed ashore.

Toxicology tests are still forthcoming to see if poison or drugs were involved in her death. There is no obvious signs of trauma on her body.

Authorities are asking the public to take a close look at the composite image and to continue to send in tips that could lead to more clues for the investigation. The image has been viewed on Facebook about 50 million times, and 675,000 people have shared the image.

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