Blackberry’s ‘Venice’ Android phone leaked! Here’s the details…

Blackberry’s ‘Venice’ Android phone leaked! Here’s the details…

Very little has been known about Blackberry's top secret project to create a new smartphone -- until now.

Fascinating new details about Blackberry’s top secret project to get back market share it has lost over the years to iPhone and others, and now we know its name: Venice.

Even more interestingly, the Android operating system that Blackberry had shunned in the past will be the basis for its new phone, which will have curved features will resembling the design of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge,¬†according to a Daily Mail report.

This will be Blackberry’s first major attempt at grabbing back a portion of the smartphone market it has lost since its failed release of BB10 touchscreen handsets a couple years ago. This new phone will use teh AT&T network, and it will be built with Google’s Android software, the first time the company has done so.

The company has apparently — but not necessarily — given up on its own line of devices and appears to be taking a new approach. Blackberry had avoided Android in the past because it hoped its Blackberry 10 phones would be able to take on the iPhone and other devices that use the Android system. However, it didn’t work out, and Blackberry may be seeing the writing on the wall.

Once the dominant player in the smartphone market, Blackberry has seen its market share decline to less than 1 percent as other competitors have ripped market share away from them.

Is this the end of the Blackberry 10 device line ever since its disastrous 2013 unveiling? The company isn’t saying anything, but that could be the future for the company.

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