Blackberry’s Venice to conquer Android

Blackberry’s Venice to conquer Android

Venice poised to take over the world of Android.

Blackberry let slip a teaser press piece this past week indicating they are going full force into the Android market, as reported in the Droid Life.

The Blackberry, Venice, as the release refers to it, runs the Google mobile OS and presumably all of the accompanying apps. Speculation is that will include GooglePlay.

The contemporary styled device offers a feature many business users want: a full keyboard. The keyboard is secreted behind the display and is accessed through a slide movement.

While late to the party, Blackberry engineers have formulated the Venice to be a true competitor that they are poising to dominate the Android platform.

The price point is not yet known. Nor is an actual release date, although there’s been much speculation Blackberry will want to capture holiday shopping dollars by year end.

The release indicates that ATT will be a launch partner.  It remains unclear if they will be exclusive, and if they are the exclusive partner, for what time period.

Rumors and excitement are sure to build over the coming weeks and month.



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