Breast cancer survivors gain more weight, study finds

Breast cancer survivors gain more weight, study finds

A new study has found that those who survive breast cancer are more likely to gain weight after the fact.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have found that those who survive breast cancer are at risk of gaining more weight than those who did not have such a diagnosis.

It’s a problem for breast cancer survivors because it means that they are at greater risk of a recurrence of cancer due to weight gain, according to a Baltimore CBS report.

The research comes from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer center, which indicates that people who have breast cancer gain weight faster and at higher rates than those who don’t have the disease. Mainly, it appears to happen with those who are having chemotherapy or estrogen negative disease, according to the report.

Why? It may be that chemo disrupts the metabolism of the patient, resulting in an increase in inflammation and insulin resistance. This is bad news for cancer survivors because they are at an increased risk of a resurgence in cancer. Scientists have always known that more weight results in a higher risk of cancer.

Medical experts recommend that those who have had such treatments engage in an aggressive lifestyle change of diet and exercise. Since doctors aren’t able to oversee a patient’s lifestyle and can’t fix the problem with more medication or a constant regimen, patients need to take charge and do what they can to limit their risks of being exposed to higher cancer risks.

Findings have indicated that people who have been treated with chemotherapy are 2.1 times more likely than women who haven’t had cancer to gain at least 11 pounds on a follow-up, and a family predisposition for breast cancer often increase that risk, according to the report.

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