Car makers to Google, Apple: Get your hands off my data

Car makers to Google, Apple: Get your hands off my data

Carmakers are jealously guarding their data from Google and Apple in a bid to control access.

Automakers won’t share their data with their technology partners, like Apple and Google, through the systems that link smartphones to vehicle infotainment systems.

Auto companies are jealously holding onto that vehicle data, hoping it will help them grab hold of billions of dollars in e-commerce, although they are still in the early stages of figuring out how to use that data and turn it into cash, according to a The Hindu report.

Apple and Google have been hoping to extend their reach in the market by connecting their phones to car systems. They already make plenty of money by providing products and services to their users, including digital music and targeted advertising.

However, as infotainment systems like CarPlay from Apple and Android Auto from Google enter popular usage, auto companies don’t want them grabbing that profitable information that would be gleaned from computer systems in cars.

Auto companies are specifically saying that they won’t give that data over to Apple and Google, including info on the functional systems like steering and throttle or any information about range, such as how far the car travels before it turns out of gas. A Ford official said automakers need to control access to that data in order to protect their ability to create value from it.

As the importance of digital media grows, competition between those who control it is only likely to get more intense, making these partnerships more and more tense.

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