Con man accused of giving desperate cancer patient fake treatmants

Con man accused of giving desperate cancer patient fake treatmants

The man is accused of bilking a woman in the late stages of cancer desperate for a cure out of $2,000 and giving her useless powders and even a "baggie of dirt."

A Southern California man has been arrested on multiple charges after he was accused of giving a cancer patient a bunch of expired drugs, useless powders, and even a “baggie of dirt” in exchange for $2,000.

Police accused 69-year-old Vincent Gammill of getting in touch with a 49-year-old woman from Ventura County who had late-stage cancer and was visiting him as a last resort, according to an SFGate report.

The woman came to Gammill’s office in Richmond after learning about a few years ago from his website. With her cancer in the later stages and not much longer to live, the woman decided to give it a go and had Gammill examine her. Gammill said she would need to change the medication, and charged her $2,000 to give her some of his own medicines.

These treatments included bags of powder, empty capsules, expired drugs, and vials of liquids. He even gave her a baggie of dirt, the investigators claim, and also told the woman that one of the powders could burn a hole in the table it was so powerful.

He also used a frying pan to demonstrate how to mix elixirs, and allegedly gave the woman a capsule that caused her to feel a burning sensation in her stomach — a sensation that Gammill said was just a sign that the ingredients were active, according to the report.

The woman’s complaint however caused the police to investigate, and they began to check more deeply into Gammill’s records. They found no evidence of medical training. Gammill said he was a practitioner of alternative medicine. He was arrested July 9 on charges of unlawful practice of medicine and furnishing drugs without a license.

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