Home invaders kidnap Tennessee bank exec and his family, force him to rob a bank

Home invaders kidnap Tennessee bank exec and his family, force him to rob a bank

The kidnappers drove the wife and an infant out to an abandoned dirt road and left them there after the robbery.

Two men invaded the home of a Tennessee bank executive and his family Tuesday morning, holding them hostage and then forcing them into a car to go rob a bank where he works.

The armed men held the family at gunpoint as Tanner Harris, vice president of SmartBank, was ordered to take an undisclosed sum of money from the bank, according to a Fox News report.

The masked robbers reportedly had two handguns and a long gun, and they blindfolded and handcuffed Harris and his wife, Abbey, in addition to take their 5-month-old in the family car after taking them hostage from their Knoxville home.

The robbers drove the family to the bank branch that Harris worked at, and Harris was told to go rob it as his family was held hostage. After Harris handed the men the money, they drove off with his wife and infant, leaving Harris alone in the bank parking lot. They were taken to a dirt road in West Knox County and left there, unharmed and still in the vehicle. The mother drove to a construction site and dialed 911.

Authorities believe the kidnappers may be the same people who kidnapped a credit union CEO’s family just three months prior.

The men are described as white, and one was believed to be 6 feet 1 inch tall while the other was 5 feet 9 inches tall and a stocky build. Authorities think they may be related.

A car matching the description of the Mazda that family was driving was seen driving erratically at about the time of the robbery. The suspects may have been watching the family for quite some time, investigators believe according to the report.

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