If you have blue eyes, you’re more likely to be an alcoholic: study

If you have blue eyes, you’re more likely to be an alcoholic: study

A new study has found that those who have light-colored eyes -- and especially blue eyes -- are far more likely to take to the bottle than those with brown eyes.

A rather alarming new study has bad news for those with blue eyes: you’re more likely to take to the bottle and less likely to kick that habit.

Scientists aren’t sure why, but a recent study has found that those with light-colored eyes, which includes green, gray and even those with a little light brown in the center as well as those with blue eyes, are more likely to suffer from alcohol dependence than those who have dark brown eyes,¬†according to a Huffington Post report.

The survey involved 1,263 European-Americans and it found that those with blue eyes had the highest rates of dependence on alcohol, even when factors like genetics, age, and sex are taken into account.

Scientists are scratching their heads as to why this is the case, meaning that more studies may be coming to delve into the issue. But it at least provides scientists with a new place to look to find out more information on alcoholism and its triggers.

Scientists have found that light-colored eyes correlate with alcoholism in past studies, particularly a 2000 study at Georgia State University.

Alcohol dependence is measured by multiple factors, which go beyond merely drinking often. Those who are considered to be an alcoholic have to increase their dosage in order to achieve the desired effects of booze; they must experience withdrawal symptoms; they consume larger amounts of alcohol than they had planned; they have failed at cutting back; they devote a large amount of time to seeking alochol; they give up activities in favor of alcohol; and they continue to use alcohol despite making medical conditions worse.

The study was published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B.

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