Shocking finding: Restaurant food is worse for you than Fast Food

Shocking finding: Restaurant food is worse for you than Fast Food

If you're thinking of eating out, it may be healthier to go to McDonald's than to your local restaurant, a new study has found.

A surprising new study has found that people get more salt and cholesterol at a restaurant than they would if they ate at a fast food joint.

People may think that the carefully prepared meals of a high-end restaurant may be better for you than a greasy burger and salty fries, but in reality, that’s not the case, according to a TIME report.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that the findings are an indication that rather than focusing on fast food exclusively, health experts should note that restaurants can be worse for you and that perhaps the fact that nutritional details of non-chain restaurants aren’t readily available could be a subject of research.

The researchers used dietary recall data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2003-2010 and tried to determine where people were eating. About 19,000 adults self-reported what they ate for two days.

Apparently, while both non-chain restaurants and fast food resulted in more calories, fat, and sodium, fast food restaurants performed about the same in terms of calories: an extra 190 calories per day versus 187 calories per day at full-service restaurants. Fat came in at about an extra 10 or so grams for both.

However, fast food joints out-performed full-service restaurants in one crucial area: sodium an cholesterol. Restaurants resulted in an extra 58 mg of cholesterol each day, compared to just an extra 10 mg for fast food — a stunning difference. And fast food increase the amount of sodium intake by 297 mg, but restaurants increased it by 412 mg.

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