Suspect on the run as California authorities scramble to find missing infant

Suspect on the run as California authorities scramble to find missing infant

A man is on the run after the disappearance of his 6-month-old daughter, and police believe he's stolen his mother's gun.

California authorities are looking for a “person of interest” in the disappearance of his 6-month-old daughter, and they believe he has stolen his mother’s gun after learning that police were investigating him.

Matthew Graham, 23, skipped his meeting with his probation officer and police are now conducting a huge manhunt to find him, warning the public that he is considered armed and dangerous, according to a New York Daily News report.

Graham had first reported his young daughter, Ember, missing back on July 2, but inconsistent statements caused police to become suspicious — especially after witnesses spotted him driving with his daughter the night before her disappearance, police say.

The father countered that he was merely driving her around to calm her and allow her to drift off to sleep, but authorities don’t believe his claims about how long he was driving, and Graham refused to submit to a lie detector test. Right now, police don’t buy Graham’s account of what happened that night.

And when Graham learned that his mother was questioned on Friday about a pacifier that authorities think could have belonged to Ember that was discovered in a remote area in Ono in California, Graham allegedly stole a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol, cash, and a cell phone that all belonged to his mother.

Graham had already spent time in jail last week on probation violation charges, which he is serving due to a forgery conviction and a driving under the influence charge.

Despite his convictions, the judge released him and didn’t order him to wear a monitoring bracelet. He was required to meet with his probation officer as a condition of the release.

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