A discovered species of poisonous frogs shoots deadly venom from heads

A discovered species of poisonous frogs shoots deadly venom from heads

First venomous frogs are discovered in Brazil.

Scientists discovered at least two species of helmeted tree frogs in regions of Brazil that are venomous. In fact, they’re quite deadly. A study published in the journal Current Biology says that the two species, Corythomantis greeningi and Aparasphenodon brunoi, also known as Bruno’s casque-headed frog, are the first venomous species of frogs discovered in the world, according to the journal’s publisher, Cell Press.

The frogs have poisonous spines on their heads that inject a potent venom 25 times more deadly than a pit viper. Scientists from Instituto Butantan in São Paulo, Brazil discovered the frog’s defense mechanism when one of them injured a researcher, Carlos Jared, a faculty member at Instituto Butantan’s cellular biology laboratory. The scientist accidently touched the frog’s spiny head and described the sensation as an “intense, radiating pain [that lasted] for a period of about five hours.”

However, the C.greeningi is less venomous than its counterpart. It possesses the “greatest development of head spines and enlarged skin glands producing a greater volume of secretion.”

The study could lead to other scientific investigations of venomous frogs. The scientists also added that they will be conducting further research into the possibly of other venomous frogs.

Source: CNET

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