A/C temperatures in office buildings linked to gender bias

A/C temperatures in office buildings linked to gender bias

Dutch researchers discover that air condition controls in office buildings are calibrated favoring male body temperatures.

A new study conducted by Dutch researchers reveals that a particular formula inherent within air condition temperature controls is male gender biassed. Boris Kingma and other scientists including Wouter van Marken at Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands have discovered a certain formula that is used in the temperature calibration known as the Fanger’s thermal comfort equation. Essentially, the equation used is based on the matebolism of a 40-year-old man weighting 154 pounds.

According to the researchers, this faulty temperature setting is the reason why so many of men’s female counterparts are wrapped up in extra garments as the air condition blasts away during the summer months. Women, though, have lower metabolic rates. A consistent office temperature is 70 degrees.

The researchers also cite former studies that have shown women’s body temperatures can be up to 5 degrees lower than men’s. The metabolic output rates were measured through skin temperature.

The lead researchers argue in their memorandum that thermostat controls should be re-calibrated for both male and female comfort.

Generally, women like warmer temperatures, – 25°C (77°F) versus 22°C (72°F) for men respectively. The research paper is titled “Energy Consumption in Buildings and Female Thermal Demand.” Also affecting the environment’s temperature is body weight and particular garments depending on certain enforced dress codes and gender styles. For instance, skirts are cooler than suits.

Source: Dispatch Times




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