Always losing your keys or phone? Tile tracker device wipes the worry away

Although this is not the first gadget to help people from losing important objects like their keys or phone, Tile is an upgraded, effective second-generation version.

The makers of the most popular location-tracking device have put in some extra hours on their second edition. Although the name Tile remains and the size has not been altered, it comes with new features more-expertly designed to track down missing items, according to PC Magazine.

One new feature is that it now emits a noise that is three times as loud as the first edition device. For example, if you lose your car keys that have the Tile attached to them. As long as your iOS or Android device is synced up, you can just pull up the app on your smartphone and tap a button which sends a shout out to your tile which in turn, makes a loud noise.

It also works the other way around. If you have your Tile, but not your phone, you can tap your Tile which will alert your smartphone to emit a loud noise.

It has also updated its Web app so you can look for your phone or Tile dongle through that route. Another fun feature is that it lets other Tile users help hunt for your Tile-linked smartphone if you can’t find it. If somebody detects your device near them, you would get a notification of its location.

“We’ve always been focused on providing Tilers with the best quality, rather than just the most features. We love hearing your #tiledit success stories, but we also value your feedback. The changes we made to these second-generation Tiles are a reflection of both of these values, and we can’t wait to hear how you put them to use,” Tile said.

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