Apple’s drastic changes to new I-phone 6S will affect app development

Apple’s drastic changes to new I-phone 6S will affect app development

Iphone application developers will be affected by I-phone's new software technology.

Analysts and technophiles eyeballing Apple’s vanguard iPhone 6S expect a significant feature to be altered and upgraded — its screen. Evidence has pointed to Apple’s “Force Touch”  to be the marquee feature of the phone’s interface, which will significantly change the way the I-phone functions.

Apple Watch, the new MacBook, and new MacBook Pro models already function with the new Force Touch. Force Touch operates based on how hard users press the screen. Pushing harder or lighter will reveal or expand certain menu options. For instance, pressing down on MacBook’s trackpad gives the user immediate accessibility to add an event to a calendar or preview a link in Safari.

Yet, Force Touch could fundamentally change Apple’s most revenue generating product. To put the change into perspective, Touch ID made it easier to unlock our phones, pay for purchases, and access apps, but Force Touch could us even more interactivity.

For instance, perhaps it would provide the user more multitasking capabilities such as being able to use many apps at once with just a swipe or to navigate an app’s submenu of options.

Cole Rise, creator of a photography app Litely, is thinking about I-phone’s new functionality in terms of his application. He said to Business Insider, “I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about it in terms of its capabilities,”  and added, “Say, if you wanted to change the color of something, you could Force Touch and it would change that.”

He has also thought about other convenience capabilities. “I think [of] Force Touch as a before and after,” he said. “We have this awesome before and after thing where we have to use two fingers, and people don’t necessarily know how to do that without reading the instructions. “[You place] two fingers on the screen to see how your picture changes. Force Touch may be a really good way to alleviate that.”

Gaming is another arena that could take advantage of the new software. Paul Murphy, CEO of Playdots, believes the new interface would provide different mechanics in how games are played. He said, “When we add a new game mechanic, it might just look like another 50 levels, but it’s like a completely new game,” he said. “The effort in creating the mechanic is like creating a new game.”

However, other app developers are more cautious. Asher Vollmer, creator of Threes, believes in a slow but steady development approach in consideration that most people will still be using older models. He adds, “I think it’s just too early to see what the potential is or if people even like it,” Vollmer said to Business Insider. “I have a hunch that people will sort of play with it but not make it part of any major interaction in their apps.”

Source: Pontiac Daily Leader

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