Assault and battery charges face Boston police officer

Assault and battery charges face Boston police officer

A Boston area cop is accused of throwing a woman to the ground.

A Boston Police officer is facing assault charges after allegedly slapping a woman and throwing her to the ground during a domestic altercation in a Tewksbury home Tuesday night.

Officer Patrick McCarthy, who has been on the force for eight years, was arraigned at the Lowell District Court on Wednesday on the charge of assault and battery of a household member, according to a statement released by Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan’s office.

The woman, who has not been named, told the Tewksbury police that around 8:30pm on Tuesday night, McCarthy threw her phone down a flight of stairs and then threatened to push her down after it. He then slapped her and threw her to the ground.

Other police offices, responding to neighbors’ 911 calls, went to McCarthy’s residence and arrested him

McCarthy claimed not guilty. He was released on bail under the strict conditions that he abides by the restraining order put in place by the victim and does not carry a firearm.

“We maintain his innocence,” said Kenneth H. Anderson, the lawyer who represented McCarthy in court Wednesday.

The nature of the relationship between McCarthy and the woman is not clear.

McCarthy is currently on paid leave pending the outcome of the case.

“Additionally, an internal [department] investigation has been initiated to further explore the charges,” said department spokesman Officer James Kenneally.

The hearing is scheduled to take place on September 29.

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