Audi Electric-300 miles on a charge

Audi Electric-300 miles on a charge

Audi working with electronic firms to build an SUV that will travel 300 miles on a single charge.

Auto maker Audi says it is teaming up with two major electronic manufacturers to design a new generation electric vehicle (EV) that can take consumers on a 300 mile journey with a single charge.

Samsung and LG, two South Korean companies and two of the world’s largest builders of lithium-ion batteries that power laptops and cell phones, are joining with Audi in the design of the new SUV battery, says a report on

Previously, Sanyo and Panasonic were providing batteries used in Audi’s “e-tron” electric automobiles.

The three companies did not reveal a great deal of detail about the arrangement, and it is unclear if Samsung and LG are in competition for the company’s business, or if they both will supply batteries for the new vehicles.  Audi would only say they had plans to build many more such vehicles and it was important to forge good relationships with battery suppliers.

Owned by Volkswagen, the luxury automaker says it plans to increase its choice of vehicles from 52 to about 60 different models within the next five years.  Several of those new models will be EV’s.  Audi says they are a high tech company and would like to raise electric mobility technology to a new level.

The company hopes this electronic partnership will allow its customers to receive a technological solution that will make Audis even more attractive to consumers.

The 300-mile charge is a goal and not a guarantee, and is based on the New European Driving Cycle, the test used to rate fuel economy overseas.  This test has been criticized for being liberal, which means American drivers can expect the goal to be closer to 270 miles.  That’s still a big improvement over most available EV’s today, especially given the additional weight of an SUV.

Chevrolet has a concept car that plans to deliver 200 miles on a charge.  The company plans to to make that model available in 2017.


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