Beam me up! Well, almost.

Beam me up! Well, almost.

British elevator company offers new type lift reminiscent of Star Trek elevators.

A company in England has developed a new type stair lift that reminds some people of the elevators used in the Starship Enterprise of the Star Trek series.

Terry Lifts, a firm based in Cheshire, developed the modern-looking device that fits into a corner of a room and doesn’t require an elevator shaft, according to a report by Reuters.  The car ascends through a hole in the ceiling of the lower floor.

Many people living in two-story houses, particularly the elderly, are finding stairs difficult to climb due to injury or disease.  A stair lift is an option, but is not always aesthetically pleasing.  Traditional elevators, with a the necessary shaft, require trading off a good deal of living space.

The new model fits neatly into a corner and can be kept on the upper floor out of sight while entertaining.  It comes with a pressure sensitive bottom and edges that will stop the lift immediately if it detects an object below or above.  There is also a battery backup that will return the car safely to the lower floor in the event of a power outage.

John McSweeney, of Terry Lifts told Reuters, “You could describe it as a high-end chair lift. People don’t want, in many cases, a chair-lift on their beautiful staircase and they don’t necessarily want a lift; it’s about looking at the lift for the long-term future proofing the property.

The company said their unique design and outstanding safety certification is generating a lot of interest in the new product.  In addition to being compared with the elevators on Star Trek, the device has also been described as a shower cube, and TARDIS, the time-traveling pod on Doctor Who.

While the new design doesn’t come cheaply, it could make the difference for some home owners, who may be forced to move to a single-story dwelling if they can no longer navigate a staircase.  Typical installation will take about 4-5 days, said the company.

Terry Lifts say they have exported at least 200 lifts from the UK to countries like China, France and Australia.




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