China rushes to aid post-Ebola recovery in West Africa

China has come to aid of Sierra Leone pledging to help post-Ebola survivors.

The Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has given a promise of full support from health system rebuilding all the way to infrastructure and industrialization cooperation, according to Xinhua.

Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma had a meeting with Wang Yi on Saturday. During this time is when Wang Li offered China’s assistance. He went on to visit other two West African nations that were hit the hardest by the virus, Guinea and Liberia.

Wang Li said that his visit to the tri-cities was to show the world that “China stands ready to support Sierra Leone in its post Ebola recovery program and help in the development of the country.”

He said that he wanted to find out on his visit exactly what the needs were of the country. He expressed that China will giving their focus toward five key areas: human resources, agriculture, mining, public health system and infrastructure development.

He also added that right away, China will provide medical support as well as training to personnel in the local areas in order to start improving their public health system immediately. With pledging all of China’s help, Wang Li also commended Sierra Leone’s government for “the decisive victory of the Ebola virus” particularly bringing attention to the president’s brave leadership.

Koroma noted that due to the quick response of China to their post-recovery from the deadly virus, that Sierra Leone was able to make a positive headway towards a successful recovery.

“We can safely say the disease is now under control,” he said.

The president also added that the support from China is a clear sign that they can consider them a friend and they are truly looking forward to their expertise and helpful resources in order to create and utilize a recover program that will work and encompass the number of socio-economic challenges they are facing as well.



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