Couple married nearly 70 years re-united in hospital together

Couple married nearly 70 years re-united in hospital together

A couple married nearly 70 years were re-united in the same hospital after being kept apart with different medical complications.

An elderly couple is the now the subject of a viral love affair. A doctor and his staff have made special arrangements for  Tom Clark, 96, to visit his wife, Arnisteen, 92, at Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Georgia.
The couple has been attached for nearly 70 years, and nothing will continue to keep them apart. The only significant time frame he was away from her was during his tour in Korean War.
Both were admitted to the hospital a few days ago but were placed in separate rooms because they each suffer from different ailments and kept apartment in different wards. Despite their individual complications, being apart is what they couldn’t suffer. Tina Mann, an orthopedic floor manager took initiative and made special arrangements for the two to lie side by side in the same room.
Tom wept when he first saw his wife, and subsequently broke down to a tear bath when he told accompanying nurses how deeply he felt for his beloved. “He wept as he described the deep love he has for Arnisteen,” a staff member said. Under the tears Tom added he couldn’t bear to be away from her.
The couple remains hospitalized but together most of the time. They also intend to keep the two in as close proximity as possible according to a hospital representative. Each of their prognoses is positive as doctors and nurses look forward to Tom and Arnisteen’s full recovery.
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