Cyber-attack: millions of Carphone Warehouse customers at risk

Dixons Carphone announced that they fell victim to a sophisticated cyber-attack leaving encrypted credit card information, and possibly other personal information, for almost all of their customers vulnerable.

The chief executive of the company, Sebastian James, publicly apologize for the incident and assured customers that “additional security measures” were put into place immediately by the company once they found out about the attack, according to Dispatch Times.

The cyber-attack put 2.4 million Carphone Warehouse customer’s information at risk. A spokeswoman for the company reported that the attack was noticed and halted immediately as soon as the system itself discovered it on Wednesday afternoon.

Technology expert Tom Cheesewright presumes that other information besides credit card could have possibly also been stolen including names, addresses, dates of birth and specific bank details.

The company also supplies phone contracts to customers using iD Mobile, TalkTalk Mobile and Talk Mobile. At this time, there has been no indication that these companies have fallen prey to the hacking as well.

Experts have said that cyber-attacks are extremely successful, unfortunately, as most hackers who are able to perform the attack are experts in their own field and know exactly what they are looking for to begin with.

Carphone Warehouse has recognized the seriousness of the attack, but also are putting out a positive vibe by reminding people that most likely, a large majority of them will be completely unaffected by the breach.

At this time, the Metropolitan Police and the Information Commissioners’ Office are still investigating the attack and are focused on making sure that the hackers will be held accountable for the attack.

At the same time, Carphone Warehouse has been under criticism by customers and critics for a “staggering incompetence” and are not welcoming the CEO’s apology as a “fix” for the situation.


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