Facebook employees get Mario-crazy at Hackathon

Facebook employees get Mario-crazy at Hackathon

The social network was invited to create a new level for the upcoming Super Mario 30th anniversary game.

Hope he updated his profile page. More than 100 Facebook employees participated in a 2- day hackathon to create a new Super Mario level.

The event, held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, occurred at the invitation of Super Mario parent company Nintendo. As NDTA reports, Super Mario will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary this year, a milestone marked by the release of a new game on September 11. The game is designed to be interactive, allowing consumers to create their own levels within it. The individually created levels will be share-able on Nintendo’s online Miiverse social network, available on Wii U consoles.

Facebook received an early invitation to view the game and create its own brand-related level. Krysta Yang of Nintendo of America told reporters at the hackathon that, “ a game that lets you showcase your creativity is a perfect fit with the culture at Facebook.” The company’s participating employees formed teams and spent hours organizing strategy and planning their levels, many of which were incredibly complicated and detailed.

AJ Glasser, Facebook’s manager of their games partnership teams, admitted that, “Facebook has attracted some of the brightest minds in the tech industry who can come up with some of the most diabolical puzzles and who also like to push boundaries of what is possible.”

Still, Yang emphasized that the levels must also be beatable by an average consumer, as “you can’t just make people crazy.”

The winning Facebook level will be available on Miiverse when the game is released.

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