Google takes storm tracking to a personal level

Google has proved to be a revolutionary with its GPS services and is now taking the next step tech-enabled services by adding in live storm tracking and alerts.

The company’s weather trackers come ten years after Hurricane Katrina. The new service comes equip with safety advice as well as the hurricane season ramps up in the U.S. Now, when Google users request information about storms in their area, it will provide a proximity-based weather tracker, forecast and details about any storm in that area along with safety tips, according to IBN Live.

By taking Google a step further, the company is becoming a personalized service, and now with a collection of meteorologists. They clearly saw the need for more accurate, fact-based reporting as current weather reporting is overflowing with inaccurate forecasts ramped up to gain viewer numbers.

Their goal is to provide the most accurate forecast models ever seen in hopes to keep people safe from life threatening storms. Their idea ignited from hurricane Katrina in New Orleans that devastated the area then, still today. The difference between Google’s storm trackers and normal meteorologists is that Google has far more resources at their disposal.

After Katrina, third-party organizations and small groups used the satellite imagery of affected areas in Google Earth to help build searchable databases to allow people to investigate the safety of their loved ones. From necessity came the idea to enhance the company’s use in situations like this, but start by forewarning and alerting people of dangerous storms.

Google’s storm tracking will include a map with the users location in relation to the storm, a breakdown of the storm including arrival time, forecast and severity along with specific instructions on the best way to avoid the storm and remain safe during its path through the user’s area. The system will be personalized to each user based on their location at the time of the storm instead of general descriptions of a storm in a general area.

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