How a new app can help everyone help endangered species

How a new app can help everyone help endangered species

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is backing a new app that lets users log sightings of endangered species.

Of course there’s an app for that! The US Fish and Wildlife Service is teaming up with Swedish company Fishbrain to create a social app to let nature lovers log sightings of endangered species.

As ZME Science reported, the app is a free-to-use tracker designed towards avid outdoorsmen and nature enthusiasts. Originally planned to target anglers, the app allows for users to track weather, wind direction, and water quality. Now, it will also allow for logging in sightings of up to 50 “at-risk” species.

By documenting where and when the species is seen, the app will hopefully help conservationists track patterns that can help them protect the animals. It will also allow them to locate habitats that may be in decline, leading to increased danger for the animals.

In a statement on their website, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, or FWS, explained why they chose to target anglers with this app. “Of all the different hobbyists in the world,” Johan Attby, CEO of Fishbrain said, “anglers are among the best when it comes to being aware of the need for conservation.” Anglers frequently know local waterways, which leads to increased knowledge with critical habitats. In addition, they are more likely to spend prolonged periods of time outside.

Gary Frazer of the FWS said, “The first step to conservation is always education and engagement….this is a unique opportunity to synthesize recreational anglers’ information and knowledge in local waterways and expand our understanding of various species.”

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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