iPhone 6s: Stronger and lighter

With the new Apple iPhone 6s coming out, day by day more details are surfacing about the device.

Apple has addressed the problems of each model and provided solutions with each new “S” iPhone that comes out on the market. Again, with the iPhone 6s, they are improving on the phone’s fabrication process, according to TechCrunch.

The new device has reportedly reinforced some weak points while being created with a lighter, stronger aluminum. The casing of the new iPhone is thicker on each side. Unbox Therapy has been working on the rear casing and measured 1.9mm on the iPhone 6s versus only 1.14mm on the iPhone 6. The goal being to make the device less susceptible to bending by improving the resistance of the weak points.

Apple has also produced this version’s shell to be 2 grams lighter than its predecessor. With this fact out of the bag, it points out that Apple may be using a new material this time around. Apple now uses 7000 series aluminum which is stronger as well as lighter, but more expensive. Right now, Apple has been using it on the Apple Watch Sport.

“The changes Unbox Therapy is showing are perfectly logical adaptations for Apple to have addressed the Bendgate situation. Clearly, adding more material around those known stress points (at the home and volume buttons) is going to improve the overall strength,” Luma Labs co-founder and industrial designer Greg Koenig said. “The combination of this material addition plus the rumored switch to 7000 series aluminum (which has roughly 3x the yield strength of 6061) should make the iPhone 6s one of the least bendy smartphones ever made.”

But Apple has a plan to address the price difference between the 7000 series aluminum and 6000 series aluminum.

“Apple is buying entire smelting runs of aluminum at a time, so the cost difference for them is virtually nothing,” Koenig said. “7000 even machines a touch faster than 6000 series, but finishing and anodizing 7000 series is quite challenging. My guess is that Apple climbed the learning curve on how to process 7000 series aluminum parts with the Watch project, and is now leveraging that knowledge to improve the iPhone.”

Apple has received complaints from some iPhone 6 users that the phone bent after only a few weeks of usage. But their mission is clear. With every new phone they create, they are improving upon the last one with intentions to make them last longer. This tactic has awarded them with repeat customers who want to buy a new iPhone when it’s time for them to get an upgrade.


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