It’s the No. 1 trick in weight loss — here’s why most people don’t use it

It’s the No. 1 trick in weight loss — here’s why most people don’t use it

A recent study has come to the surprising conclusion about what it takes to shed pounds.

As we recently reported, a new study has just zeroed in on the best way to lose weight, and most people aren’t taking advantage of it. But why?

Doctors are your best weapon, as it turns out. The study, conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, found that your doctor is your best tool in the battle against the bulge, but more people seem to turn to fad diets or expensive exercise machines that collect dust in their basements — when all they really need to do is schedule a checkup and talk it over with their primary care physician.

The problem with most diets and workout plans is that they are one-size-fits-all approaches, and many people have different problems or needs. The only person who can tailor a diet or exercise regimen that is perfect for you is your doctor. Maybe you need to be taking in more protein. Maybe you need to cut back on saturated fats. Maybe you need to do more cardio work and less weightlifting. The pitchmen on TV can’t tell you that — but your doctor can.

So why don’t people take advantage of this tool that scientists agree is the best one to use in your fight against weight loss?

One reason may be inconvenience or expense. People don’t want to have to pay to visit the doctor, or schedule an appointment in the middle of their day to sit down and talk about their issues.

A second reason might be they just don’t realize how helpful they can be. They don’t recognize that the doctor has many tools he or she can use to diagnose a person’s current situation and tailor a regimen specifically for the patient.

A third reason might be fear or shame. Some people are afraid of getting bad news from the doctor. Or they are ashamed of talking about poor diet and exercise habits with someone who is generally a stranger.

However, if one can overcome those fears, it can mean a huge difference in weight loss.

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