Man gets slapped with assault charges after missing wife reappears

Man gets slapped with assault charges after missing wife reappears

The police are only now just starting to unravel the details of this bizarre case.

Police have charged a Virginia man with assault after finding his wife, who had disappeared a few days earlier after sending a strange text, sparking a huge search.

Mark Ditto, 49, faces domestic assault charges after 41-year-old Connie Ditto, his wife, turned up at a motel, according to a Fox News report.

Connie Ditto had previously sent her husband a text saying that she planned to check into a hospital due to a head injury she had actually suffered a week prior, but she could not be found by either Mark Ditto or their children when they visited area hospitals. When police did find her, they determined that they had probably cause to arrest the husband, Henrico County police said according to the report.

There had been an incident between the two in the week before she suddenly disappeared, but they would not discuss it in further detail or say it was the reason for the disappearance.

A license plate reader is what enabled cops to finally find her car and subsequently her. She was found at an Extended Stay American Hotel near Richmond. She successfully received an order of protection from Mark Ditto.

The husband says Connie Ditto was drunk and he and his daughters had tried to take her car keys, but Connie said Mark had been abusive toward her.

She visited a Patient First clinic complaining of head pain, but left before she was scheduled to be seen. Mark Ditto and the daughters went looking for her but couldn’t locate her.

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