Obamacare covering majority of Californians

The Affordable Care Act in America has nearly 70% of Californians signed up.

Obamacare is now covering over two-thirds of previously uninsured adults in California with health insurance under the new act. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, most of these covered people are also having their healthcare needs met successfully by the coverage.

Since its beginning, there have been multiple surveys conducted in hopes to track and capture an authentic view on how this new law has affected the lives of those that were uninsured before it began, according to Benchmark Reporter.

Obamacare was introduced in the fall of 2013. Since then, 1.3 million Californians are reported as enrolled in the act through Cover California versus 4 million that have enrolled through Medi-Cal.

From the latest survey, researchers found that of the number that enrolled through Medi-Cal, 83% are highly satisfied with their plan while 63% of those enrolled through Covered California are satisfied as well.

Most people in California who enrolled in 2013 said that prior to Obamacare, they were having a difficult time in paying for their healthcare. But those that have enrolled more recently, only 49% said they were having difficulty before, proving that more Californians are jumping on board for more than one reason.

One woman from San Jose, age 48, did not have health care insurance since 2010. She enrolled in Obamacare through Covered California when she became a caregiver for her husband who was 63 years old and was disabled. Through her plan, her premiums are only $25 per month.

Of the 41% of people who are still uninsured in California were found that they were not eligible because they were illegal immigrants. Out of the rest, 43% are actually able to sign up for the plan but have been uninsured for over two years.


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