NASA’s Orion space capsule tests parachutes this week

NASA’s Orion space capsule tests parachutes this week

A recent test of NASA's Orion capsule proved to be a tremendous success.

The Orion capsule has just completed a new test that puts it one step closer to being blasted towards Mars with humans on board.

The Orion capsule completed a test of its parachute system this week, as a spokesperson for NASA said that there will be a lot of activity in the sky soon, according to a Yuma Sun report.

The recent test focused on making sure the two main parachutes and the drogue parachute works, a major milestone for the program that will be critical for a successful landing on the Red Planet once the capsule makes it there.

This mechanism will stabilize and slow down the capsule before the main parachutes deploy and allow a gentle landing on Mars.

The test gave the team good visuals on how the system functions, and they are now awaiting data from the test for more insight.

The parachutes are made out of nylon and kevlar, and weigh about 300 pounds, spreading to a diameter of 116 feet. The module was dropped from a C-17 aircraft for the test at a height of six miles, the highest the parachutes have ever been tested, although not hte highest that Orion tests have been conducted. Back in December, the Orion capsule orbited the Earth twice and was 3,600 miles above the Earth, reaching speeds of 20,000 miles per hour when it re-entered the atmosphere.

The drogue parachutes deploy at 25,000 feet, slowing down the craft before the main parachutes deploy at 8,000 feet.

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