Pinned it: Pinterest reveals new diversity goals for 2016

They must have created a board for that. Popular social company Pinterest publicly revealed their new goals for hiring a more diverse workforce by the year 2016.

Co-founder Evan Sharp posted a blog entry on Thursday July 30 detailing the company’s decision to make the “unprecedented” move of “going on record with our hiring goals.” In the post, Sharp claimed Pinterest has been focusing on creating a more diverse staff but that “we have more work to do to increase the number of employees from all underrepresented backgrounds. “

In the post, Sharp outlined that in 2015, the company increased their overall female employee ratio from 40% to 42%. The Christian Science Monitor reports that Pinterest’s staff’s ethnic makeup was 97% white or Asian. With the new goals, the presence of ethnically underrepresented staff members would rise to 8%.

To achieve the staff changes, Pinterest is revising their hiring procedures, taking steps such as recruiting from a bigger pool of universities that might offer a more diverse selection of talent. As the CS Monitor details, the company is enlisting the help of a group called Paradigm, who is dedicated to working with businesses to hire more diverse staff.

Sharp wrote, “by sharing these goals publicly, we’re holding ourselves accountable.” He also indicated they hoped to be something of a role model to other members of the industry, revealing that, “we’ll also be sharing what’s working and what isn’t as we go, so hopefully other companies can learn along with us.”

Consider it re-pinned.

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