Quarantine for Wisconsin: emerald ash borer

In Wisconsin, there has been a wide quarantine declared due to the detection of emerald ash borer.

From Buffalo County east to Door County along with Douglas and Oneida counties in Wisconsin have been quarantined. On August 6, emerald ash borer was found in an ash tree at the Department of Natural Resources center in Black River Falls. It was also found that nearby trees on other properties were symptomatic of the borer, according to the Press Examiner.

In 2002, the emerald ash borer came over to America via a boat. It came over on a wood transfer from Asia. It is originally from Asia and since it has been here in the U.S., it has been able to roam freely.

It is not just Wisconsin that is in danger of the emerald ash borer. Other states also need to be cautious and attempt to follow the great example set by the state of Nebraska. They organized public seminars on their own in order to inform people about the specifics regarding the transmission of the ash borer and also what they could each do in order to prevent it from spreading.

It has now been detected in 39 countries.

“Moving firewood has caused many or most EAB infestations”, says Brian Kuhn, Plant Industry Bureau Director in the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. “That’s why we strongly discourage moving firewood even within quarantine areas. EAB is often transported to other areas because it hides beneath the bark of firewood.”

They also gave out words of advice to public including encouragement to consider preventative treatments for those that had property within 15 miles of any known infestation.

Also noted, was to call a professional arborist and visit the website www.emeraldashborer.wi.gov to review important information.

At this time, most of the southwest portion of Wisconsin is under the EAB quarantine.

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