Rumor: A huge asteroid is going to hit the Earth in September; NASA responds

Rumor: A huge asteroid is going to hit the Earth in September; NASA responds

Is it doomsday? NASA says not to worry, although it's not keeping the Internet from talking.

It’s the doomsday scenario: a massive asteroid traveling at an incredible speed smashes into the Earth, ending life as we know it. And rumors are that there is just such an asteroid bearing down on us, leading to doomsday speculations from around the web — but don’t worry.

NASA says you can ignore all this: there is no asteroid that is going to hit us in September, according to a UPI report.

Rumors have been flying online about a massive asteroid that would strike the Earth between Sept. 15 and 28, but NASA responded by saying that “Potentially Hazardous Asteroids” have an incredibly small chance of hitting the Earth: just a 0.01 percent chance in the next 100 years.

Further, no evidence has been presented at all that an asteroid or any other object from outer space is heading for impact with the Earth.

It isn’t hard to find videos on YouTube predicting doomsday, and very specifically: people are saying that an asteroid will strike Puerto Rico, which would result in a devastating event that would wipe out life in the United States, Mexico, and Central and South America.

Just a few years ago, there were rumors that the comet Elenin would collide with Earth, and NASA had to shoot those rumors down. What actually happened is that it broke up into small pieces in space. A year later, there was the Mayan calendar rumors of an end-of-the-world asteroid strike on Dec. 12 2012.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t appear to be any different. NASA keeps close tabs on objects that could have such devastating effects, and none of them appear likely to hit us in the next century.

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