Snapchat fixes users’ biggest bugaboo

Snapchat fixes users’ biggest bugaboo

Popular app updates promise a better user experience with less battery drainage.

The age of the seflie continues but at least it may be getting a little less annoying. reports the popular phone app Snapchat has announced new updates to its running process that hope to address users’ biggest complaint. Snapchat, for those not familiar, is an app that allows consumers to snap a picture, caption it, and send it to their Snapchat-using friends with the knowledge that it will self-destruct in only a few seconds.

A new update rolling out on Tuesday August 11 fixes the fact that Snapchat users’ phones were constantly uploading messages from their friends, draining their batteries quicker than the photos were expiring. Users can now switch into “Travel Mode,” which will stop the constant updating and data gobbling. In this mode, chatters will actually have to click on the messages to upload them when they are ready, saving the phone’s power for when it’s most needed.

Another update allows users to place emojis in places on the photo other than simply the text box, freeing up room for extra words and increasing the creative possibilities of captioning.

The Snapchat update is available on both iOS and Android.

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