Twin girls hear their mother’s voice for the first time

A pair of 6-month0old twins from Los Angeles, CA were given the gift of hearing their mother’s voice for the first time this week after being fitted with hearing aids.

The two girls, Kayla and Kiara Hernandez, were both born with moderate hearing loss and needed immediate hearing aids in order to fully be able to hear, but the girls’ parents could not afford the high price of technology, according to Immortal News.

The hearing aids were priced at $12,000 and would also require significant follow up visits. The twins’ mother, Gemilia Hernandez, and her family were at a loss when it came to attempting to find the money for the pair as they were not covered by her insurance. Grief immediately took over as their fear the twins would never be able to hear settled in as reality.

“Where do we even start?” asked the mother.

“I question that have they ever heard me say that I love them.”

That is when Gemilia reached out to HearAid Foundation, a non-profit group that helps people get hearing aids free of charge. And they responded with the most positive answer she could ask for, that they would help get the hearing aids for both girls.

With the help of the hearing aids, the twins will not only be able to hear fully for the first time, but they will serve as a tool to support them in speech and learning development as they grow up.

When the twins were finally able to hear on Wednesday, the voice of their mother ignited coos and kicks from the girls. The mother expressed a sigh of relief when her devastation lifted. The twins’ parents are hoping that by sharing their story that more families will be aware of and reach out to the foundation for help.







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