US and Russia relations tighten with Arctic Circle climate changes

Climate changes are causing tensions around the globe as the water in the arctic circle begins to warm.

Scientists have known for some time that this could be the beginning to a rise in sea level, loss of habitat for dozens of animals and other, more positive, advantages for the lands in between the poles, according to TodayOnline.

There is talk of a transit route that could be designed and there is now a high demand for knowledge of the Arctic’s territorial waters. But all of these changes, positive and negative, are causing tension as the powerhouses of the world are giving chase to the possible gold mines that some think are hidden there.

On Monday, President Barack Obama will be going to Alaska, making him the first president to visit the Arctic Circle while in office. His trip was set to focus on the real effects of climate changes in that area. This type of trip has been unexpected and unprecedented as Adm. Paul Zukunft of the Coast Guard has mentioned that there has been mixed feelings over the way the nation has shown, or not shown, concern long-term over the Arctic.

Since the changes have come along, there has been in increase in vessels to the area, with Russia being at the top of that list. The country has always pressed to allocate the land surrounding the North Pole. The country publicly announced its intentions to claim large portions of the Arctic Ocean which includes their claim on the continental shelf that extends into the sea seeing it as their territory under the Law of the Sea convention.

The U.S. has not yet commented on the claims that Russia is making. But concerns are raising quickly as Russia appears to be very willing to take on as much of the potential new resources as they can, and as fast as they can.

As most nations know, the Arctic Circle is full of value, a nest for untapped reserves of oil, gas and fish. At this time, Russia is already building 10 new search-and-rescue stations at ports of the Arctic shoreline and they have increased the presence of their military across the region including bringing in 50 paratroopers.

President Obama is not planning on his trip leading to talks with Russia. Although the tensions are tightening with every day, the U.S. is determined to maintain a strict level of diplomacy in order to preserve all relationships across the globe.

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