Amazing 7-mile scale model of Solar System built in Nevada desert

Amazing 7-mile scale model of Solar System built in Nevada desert

An LA film team has constructed the world's first to-scale Solar System, and they've done it in the middle of the desert.

Want an idea of just how huge our Solar System is? Take a trek out to the Nevada desert, where a team of LA filmmakers have built a 7-mile-wide scale model. Yes, 7 miles.

The scale model was built in the Black Rock desert, and Earth is merely the size of a marble in the vast stretch of sand representing the span of our Solar System, according to a Daily Mail report.

The team even drew in the planetary orbits to give people a sense of scale of the size of the Solar System and the Earth’s minuscule place in it.

It was a group of five friends that undertook the project, wanting to truly represent the scale of our Solar System that is typically difficult to convey on the pages of textbooks. Usually, the planets are shown as quite close together, when in reality there is such a vast distance it’s hard to even consider them neighbors.

The friends first started with the Earth, which they had to make into the size of a marble for the scale model to even fit in the state of Nevada, let along a 7-mile patch of desert. Then, they calculated the scale sizes of each planet and each orbit, using balls and light bulbs, and then they shot time lapse images of driving their cars around those orbits over a period of 36 hours while filming from a nearby mountain.

Even at such a tiny size as a half-inch marble, the Earth is still a whopping 579 feet from the sun, compared to Venus at 447 feet and Mercury at 224 feet.

But think that’s far? The farthest planet, Neptune, was a stunning 3.5 miles away from the sun.

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