Apple’s newest iPhone has evolved the ‘selfie’

Although Apple reintroduces new versions of their devices every year, the upgrades that were announced recently are something that consumers might want to consider.

Instead of the usual incremental improvements from one version to the next, Apple has made bigger changes that could attract ever more users to step over to the Apple side. Thanks to 5 new upgrades, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are definitely worth considering, according to Austrailan MacWorld.

3D Touch first of all has taken the iPhone 6S to a new level. They have engineered the feature to detect the most minute differences and also shoot the right haptic feedback to the user via the display. Although some users consider the technology very simple, it is actually extremely complex and is a big player in changing the way smartphones are used. When competitors are sneaking a peek at the new versions, this is a big eye-catcher for them.

Second, Apple has found a way to precisely time a 300 percent increase in screen brightness and their True Tone flash system with the camera shutter. In other words, they have helped to further evolve the selfie.

Thirdly, the need for speed. iOS 9 guarantees to add a kick to older devices and the newest iPhone has the latest version of Appleā€™s own processor, the A9x. In fact, it is predicted that the iPhone 6S will be the fastest iPhone so far.

Apple has uniquely approached the engineering feat of the rear camera by making the camera sensor so that light does not bleed between sensor elements. They also have perfected shooting 4K video with enough processor ability to edit directly on the iPhone 6S. In simple terms, the users will now be carrying around the same kind of photo and video kits that professionals spend thousands on.

And lastly, the battery life has been upped by Apple integrating the M9, their motion coprocessor, into the processor. They are predicting speeds 70 percent faster.


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