Breakups are hard: the fraught relationship of Trump and the GOP

Breakups are hard: the fraught relationship of Trump and the GOP

Republicans are scrambling to find some way to dump Trump

When he announced his candidacy earlier this summer, no one believed Donald Trump would last, let alone thrive. Yet despite sound bites that would slay a normal politician, Trump is unstoppable.

And the Republican Party is furious.

It is no secret that the GOP would like Trump to fall off the face of the earth. Even Fox News, the bastion of conservative thought, has turned against The Donald. But what can be done to stop an unstoppable force?

Donors and strategists have been quietly working in the background to create negative messages about Trump, promoting his support of high taxes and universal healthcare. Unfortunately, nothing they can say could possible be as outlandish as the presidential hopeful who openly admits to not knowing who al-Baghdadi is (al-Baghdadi is the leader of ISIS).

Another tactic the GOP is using to oust Trump is forcing him, as well as all of the other candidates, to sign a Loyalty Oath. Signees promise to only run for the Republican nomination and in the event they lose that nomination, they promise to support whoever wins.

Trump was not concerned with having to sign the pledge.

“I’ve been treated very fairly by the Republican Party and the Republican National Committee,” said Trump shortly before signing the pledge. “This is the best, quickest and easiest way to ensure victory for the Republicans. In addition, I’m leading in every single poll.”

Trump is indeed currently in the lead, with polls showing he has about 27 percent of the vote. Second place goes to Ben Carson at around 13 percent- another candidate the establishment would prefer not to win.

Although this ensures Trump will not be a third party threat, it also means that if he does in fact win the primary election, Bush, Rubio, and Walker will all have to do their best to support him.

Needless to say, Republicans are scrambling to find some way to dump Trump.

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