Is Apple’s new Pencil a massive flop?

Is Apple’s new Pencil a massive flop?

The new "Stylus" pencil has already been ridiculed by Ikea, and it may join the Watch in rather unpleasant company.

All the signs are pointing to another dud from Apple, and this time it’s the Pencil. Even Ikea is making fun of them now.

Ikea often pokes fun at Apple for making its lavish announcements, but now that the Pencil has come out, Ikea saw the perfect opportunity to tweak the tech giant, according to a TIME report.

The furniture store premiered a new ad that mocked the Apple Pencil, a stylus that retails at $99 apiece.

The accessory was unveiled on Tuesday as something to accompany the iPad Pro. The Ikea ad ridicules Apple by featuring a hand using a wooden Ikea pencil, with the tagline: “Absolutely familiar. Entirely free.”

These Ikea pencils are often given out at the store entrance, and the furniture store saw the perfect opportunity to mock Apple for its ad selling essentially an expensive pencil. The ad even featured the stark white background commonly seen in Apple ads.

Ikea has taken digs at the company before, last year pitching a print furniture catalog as the “Bookbook.”

Critics were quick to come out against the Pencil, noting that at the end of the day, it was nothing more than a stylus. It was the big unveil for the iPad Pro.

Some have said that it is merely a reaction to the Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy Note, which have their own stylus pens, but the Pencil is certainly a new direction for Apple, and it certainly appears that the tech company is making an active effort to appeal to designers and creative types.

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