Kim Davis requests yet another delay to get out of issuing gay marriage licenses

Kim Davis, the now famous county clerk of Rowan, Kentucky, is in the headlines yet again. Davis filed for an additional delay in issuing marriage license.

Kim Davis was arrested early this month for refusing to issue same-sex couples marriage license. Her choice was in direct opposition to the duties of her job, which requires her to issues a license to all eligible couples, regardless of her personal views on the matter.

Davis claims her refusal to issue same-sex couple marriage licenses was on spiritual grounds. Yet, as her attorneys argued to the Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals, all of the gay couples denied a license by Davis were granted one by one of her deputies. Moreover, the attorneys alleged that the order for Davis work indiscriminately was issued improperly- thus is grounds for a delay in Davis’ sentencing.

If the court does not reply to Davis’ appeal, she will be able to return to work on Monday. Once reinstated, Davis will be given the choice to issue licenses in accordance with the law or, if she refuses, be jailed for contempt once again.

The scandal in Rowan county has resulted in international press coverage, protests for and against Davis, and Republican presidential candidates being forced to state their views on the matter.

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