LA funeral turns in to a gun battle between rival gangs

A funeral in Southern Los Angeles was marred by gunfire as unidentified assailants fired upon a crowd of mourners. One man was left critically wounded.

The funeral was on behalf of Kumase Jefferson, a 41-year-old who was shot and killed on August 15 by rival gang members.

Friends and family were gathered in the parking lot of the funeral home near 47th Street and Avalon Boulevard around 11:45 a.m. when members of rival gang attacked them.

“You would hope that people would allow friends and family to mourn,” said Los Angeles Police Lt. John Jenal. “The mourning process — at least that should be respected.”

Reports indicate that several of the mourners returned fire. A gun battle ensued. As police officers responding to the sound of gunfire approached, shooters from both gangs rushed into cars to escape custody.

One car trying to make a quick get away crashed. The police are now holding the two occupants for questioning.

The local police department is doing everything in its power to quell the growing violence between the two factions.

“No one wants to see this,” said Jenal of the funeral shootout.

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