No-fly zones over Pope while he visits the US

If you were hoping to use your drone to capture one of Pope Francis’ rousing speeches when he comes to the United States at the end of the month, think again. The Federal Aviation Administration has imposed a strike no-fly zone for drones in areas where the Pope is expected to be.

The bans will instituted in parts of New York City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia- in short, anywhere the Pope may appear.

“If you plan to attend any of the Papal visit events, please leave your drone at home,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta . “Anyone flying a drone within the designated restricted areas may be subject to civil and criminal charges.”

The FAA already has a normal of drone restrictions in place over high security priorities- the president for instance. The FAA’s decision to create a no-fly zone over the Pope as he travels throughout the US stems from two concerns.

On the one hand, a swarm of drones jostling for the perfect shot of the Pope would be seriously annoying and frustrate licensed news broadcasters from achieving the aerial views necessary to capture the momentous historic significance of the moment.

Moreover, the Pope is considered to be a prime target for nefarious elements. If the head of one of the world’s major religious leaders were to fall while in America, there is no telling how far the disastrous effects could reach.

As drones become increasingly popular, temporary restrictions on air space will become more and more common.

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