Police shoot a man in wheelchair- did he have a gun?

In Wilmington, Delaware, a police officer allegedly shot and killed a man in a wheelchair. The recording of the 911 call by a witness was released in part of Friday.

The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. Police responded to a 911 call saying a man had a handgun. The police came upon Jeremy McDole, 28. McDole had been paralyzed 10 years earlier from a gunshot would.

According to Police Chief Bobby Cummings, the officers at the scene- three white and one Hispanic- repeatedly told McDole to show his hands and put the weapon down. The officers claim McDole began to remove the gun from his waist and that is when he was shot several times.

Yet, McDole’s family insists he had no weapon. Indeed, there is an amateur video of the incident on YouTube, which the police agree is authentic, that shows there is no visible gun.

On the 911 recording, a breathless woman asks for an ambulance saying “A man just shot himself, he shot himself.”

The caller, who is unidentified, continued: “He’s on the ground, moving around, and he has a weapon in his hand.”

“Back up, back up, he’s still got a gun,” she said to someone else apparently at the scene.

The police department, as well as the Department of Justice of Delaware, will investigate the shooting. It is necessary to determine to course of events in order to decide if the officers should be charged.

“We are all unhappy,” said Robert Bovell, a friend of the McDole family. “We just want to examine the facts of what happened.”

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