Re-vamped Google Chromecast may debut this month

Re-vamped Google Chromecast may debut this month

Google is planning to release a new version of their popular streaming device.

This may be an item you want to put on your Christmas list, or as a gift for your friends.

According to a report on Google may be planning to reveal an updated version of its Chromecast streaming media device later this month.

Leaked documents seem to point to a rumored Google event on September 29, at which the company plans to announce the new Chromecast along with two new smartphones.

Apparently the new Chromecast will be more round than its predecessor, resembling a small hockey puck with a dongle attached.  Images in the documents indicate the device will be available in at lease three colors, lime green, black and red.

The new device is expected the be compatible with faster Wi-Fi speeds, 802.11 ac, and possibly adding the capability to connect to 5G networks.

The documents also hint at being able to add content feeds to the Chromecast, but it is unclear at this time exactly what that means.  That would be an upgrade over the current device that limits the owner to a few screensaver-like options.

Another new feature called “Fast Play” will allow the device to connect much quicker and play streaming content more seamlessly after pressing the “Cast” button.  Most owners will welcome the improvement over the current version, which many users found frustrating.

It also appears there will be a connection in the new version that will allow the direct connection to any speaker or audio system through an auxiliary cable.  This feature will have the ability to mirror your Chrome or Android audio, and have multi-room support.

The Chromecast was a hit when it was introduced in July of 2013, selling out within hours and has remained a big seller since.  Its $35 price tag gives it an advantage over rival products that sell for $50-$100.

Recently competitors have released new and updated devices and Google is looking to retain the edege established by the Chromecast.

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